Optimize your IT infrastructure with virtualization


Virtualization is a trend that is sweeping enterprise IT. Virtualization actually eliminates the old model of one application - one server rather it allows you to run multiple servers/applications on a single machine. This was impossible a few years ago. However, the massive transformation of technology that has made it possible.

Traditional server have single application running on single operating system. The applications can be e-commerce applications, business applications, email solution, security softwares and databases each running on OS like Linux, Windows, Ubuntu and Unix. This increases the cost of IT tremendously in terms of hardware, space, operation and maintenance.



Apart from that, the average utilization of each of these physical server is 5 to 10 percent. That means that almost 90 percent of these server’s capacity is not being used.That means most of the company’s investment on servers is getting wasted with such low utilization rate.

To manage this cost and optimize the Return on Investment (ROI) the best possible option is the virtualization technology. A software called hypervisor virtualizes a physical server. Let me explain what it means.

A physical server contains CPU, memory and applications running on operating systems. The hypervisor virtualizes this so that  now  the physical server behaves like  a virtual server. The virtualized server now creates multiple virtual environment inside of it and each of these environments behaves just like a physical server .Each of the virtualized entities has its own CPU, memory and disk. These virtualized server environments work side by side so that now multiple applications can run in single machine with utilization of nearly 95 percent.

The virtual environments  are fully encapsulated and behaves like a separate unit providing your data full protection. You even have the capacity to migrate these virtualized servers into another server in realtime. One virtual server can replace up to 15 to 20 physical servers giving you high Return On Investment (ROI).


Now one machine can host multiple applications. The virtualized server will occupy less space and energy and accelerates the performance out of existing resources. Simply, virtualization enables you to extract and explore the unseen and unused possibilities of your machine. And here you don’t have to worry about the data loss or interruption to your work. We guarantee you an easy installation and the smooth running of your machine.

Merge as many machines as you want and make a compact machine that is capable of performing the desired works.Many brands offer the virtualization service in international market. VMware, Microsoft, citrix, Redhat, Oracle are some major brands that stage the products of virtualization. Whatsoever, being cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-use features we recommend VMware products.

Today, with an ultimate pioneering and precision, VMware is still the global leader in providing infinite solutions to virtualization. Our official virtualization partner VMware provides a word class virtualization product called Vsphere that is used by corporate houses all around the world. The Vsphere Exsi hypervisor is the best in the market for virtualization process. Apart from that , we also provide vCenter so that you can easily control these virtualized servers from one place. Virtualization is the best technology that you can adapt in your company having so many benefits.

If you can invest in at least one technology, we recommend you investing in Virtualization.